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Marco Island wave runner tour with Capt. Ron

I LOVED the jet ski tour we took with Capt. Ron.  What a day we had.

We signed up for the tour and I had a couple days to think about it.  And I worried.  We do not have a jet ski in Wisconsin.  I do not drive the boat in Wisconsin.  My husband and children always drive the boat here.  So, my skills with watercraft operation are virtually nonexistent.    I wondered if I would be able to drive the jet ski.  I wondered if I would spend the better part of the trip just learning to drive it.  I worried that I would not be able to keep up with the rest of the group.

No worries.  Avi Langer, our tour guide for the day, and Capt. Ron met us at the Caxambas South boat launch site.  We were greeted with smiling faces, life jackets, sun glasses, water, a quick session on jet ski operation and then we were plunked in the water.  I am still a bit nervous at this point.  I know that understanding the verbal directions we were given on dry land might not equate to understanding how to drive the machine when it is fired up in the water.  However, when we fired up the jet skis and started moving, it was EASY.  Any initial questions were answered quickly and positively by Avi. 

It wasn't long and we were tooling along in the ocean on the jet skis.  It was a blast to drive.  It was great to be viewing Marco Island from the ocean side.  It was great to see the mangroves.  We also got to go to a small island and do some shelling--the shelling was awesome.  We also got to see Cape Romano--quite a site--which Avi took the time to tell us the story behind.  We also got to look for manatess (which we saw from afar--they get spooked quite easily).  Then, a big highlight--we got to view dolphins up close.  The experience of being so close to the dolphins was almost spiritual.   

We were all then very comfortable on the jet skis.  Avi took us for a nice ride into the mangroves.  FUN!

I cannot wait to go on the tour the next time I am on Marco.  This is a must do repeat experience.

If you go to the photos section of my web site, I have posted some of the pictures that Avi took for us on the tour plus some of our own.  Take a peek.

2009-04-16 23:12:41 GMT
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