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Finders Keepers--or not!

My husband, by all accounts, is a really good guy.  I outkicked my coverage when I found him.  However, he is a tad forgetful.  Even Dave wil not dispute this fact.  So, it was no surprise that on our last trip to Marco Island, his wallet went missing.  Actually, Dave was a bit surprised.  He mentioned that in all his years on this planet, he had never lost his wallet.   And, we looked EVERYWHERE for it.  In suitcases, under car seats, in carry on luggage.  It was nowhere to be found. 

When we returned home on Sunday evening from Marcy, Dave got on the phone and canceled credit cards, etc.  Fast forward to Monday morning.  Dave gets a call at work from Patrick Barrett.  He lives in Naples, Florida.  He had found my husband's wallet on Hwy. 41.  What a guy!!  He mailed the wallet to us this week. 

It was nice for Dave to get his driver's license back.  A trip to the DMV to replace those is time consuming.  It was also nice for Dave to get the actual wallet back.  It was a gift from a family friend and he has had it since he graduated from law school.  The wallet needs a bit of repair work (it looks like it had been run over) but it will be serviceable again.

What do we think happened??  Well, Dave likes to put things on the top of the car when we pack it up.  I suspect that while the kids were packing the golf clubs into the car, he placed it on the top of the car and forgot about it.  When he drove away from the golf course, I suspect it fell onto Hwy. 41. 

This blog entry is a special thank  you to Patrick Barrett.  He is apparently another good guy.  He also has a paiting business called Patrick's Painting in Naples Florida.  By all accounts, he is an honest guy.  Give him a try...  Patrick's Painting at 239-200-2021.

Thanks Patrick!

2009-04-18 22:58:10 GMT
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Picture of "run over wallet" would greatly enhance this story! Glad you got everything back--yes, there are "good" people around!
2009-05-25 16:52:10 GMT
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