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Marco Island Beach Walking and shells

I see another post today by a person who doesn't want to visit Marco Island because they have heard that the shells on the beach are awful to walk on.  Sheesh. 

I do not understand the people who complain about the shells on the sand.  Yes, there are shells on the sand.  HOWEVER, there is a well defined shell line.  You can walk on either side of the shell line and pretty much avoid the shells.  You can even walk at the very beginning of the beach--closer to the condos--and you are fine there too.  I am a walker and a runner.  The shells do not bother me and I have sensitive feet.  I just do not get it.

One of the wonderful things about Marco is the well kept secret of the great shelling.  It is great shelling there.  I have been on a few beaches in my life and I really like the shelling there.  So, to have decent shelling, you have to put up with a few shells.  However, there is still a shell line--if the shells bother you, just walk on either side of the shell line or at the start of the beach.  Nuff said...

2009-04-25 23:45:52 GMT
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